Style tips on how to combine bright colors

Style tips on how to combine bright colors

Welcome to the world of LOVE by Ksenia.

I will lead you into the world of future trends. What will be in trend for several seasons in a row is already known and I will share this information with you, which will help you look stylish without spending extra resources.


A global change in trends that colors are replacing neutral shades.

Red, purple, orange, yellow - a color block (that is, a combination of two or more bright colors in one image) or monochrome. This trend symbolizes energy and life, and will be relevant for a long time.

There are several options for using this trend.

  1. Do you feel that you are not ready to let go of neutral shades? Start with accessories. Have you chosen a gray total look this season? Choose a bright purple bag. This color will be in trend for seasons to come. Subconsciously, purple is perceived as a royal color. Therefore, the style  will look more refined, regardless of the brand of the product. 

2. Ready to let go of neutral colors? Choose rich, deep colors. Blue, red, yellow sand.

A monochrome look in bright colors looks luxurious, the main nuance is that the saturation of colors should be different. With this  your style  will look more complicated, and therefore more expensive.

3.There are two levels of styling of bright colors with accessories. The first: styling with accessories in analog colors. That is, white, black, gray. This is the easiest and fastest  option. The second option is complementary colors. For example, the complementary colors of red are orange and bright blue. For example, pair a red dress with orange mules. This is a more complicated styling which gives an impression of a person people would love to contact. 






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