Tatty Kretova, an entrepreneur from Madrid talks style with LOVE

Tatty Kretova, an entrepreneur from Madrid talks style with LOVE

You have two children, your own business - how do you manage to combine style and life?  

The biggest shift in style coincides with my job moving international. With numerous business trips it quickly became clear that high quality, comfortable and easy to match wardrobe is a must. Also, just like for me life is not a patchwork of family, work, personal time but rather a unique mixture of different ingredients I aspired to have a wardrobe that is compact and convertible making me feel at my best at any given moment. In such a way, step by step I encountered myself moving to several universal solutions – white shirts - that also became one of my entrepreneurial engagements - and elegant garments by LOVE. So, for me style is part of my life.

How does style help you achieve your goals?

There is such term as having an executive presence, knowing how to present yourself. I remember when I was 20 my mentor told me that to be a director I need to act like one – giving as an example one of the women leaders in the organization. That advice I got when I was running like a mad woman to fix something during the official opening event. At that time I thought that I could not afford it – that I had to run. Today, I receive a lot of compliments for knowing how to present myself and have an executive presence. It does not mean there are no fires to put down. I just go about them in a different way – with confidence. Being well dressed for me is one of those elements that gives me butterflies in my stomach, makes me feel good and gives me energy, confidence. 

Depending on the conversations I have I do think what I wear – in terms of cuts and colors, accessories. All of this is part of unverbal communication, it actually sets the tone before we event speak as our brain translates visual information faster.

What is your favorite LOVE look?
I love all pieces I own = ) I think about 40% of my wardrobe is by LOVE. However, the fuchsia suite is my absolute favorite and it gets compliments at all times. Interestingly enough depending on how I wear it, it´s been broadly classified from a travel suit to the power suit. I wear it as a suite and also combine jacket and pants separately – for a luxurious dinner with a long black stocking dress or with a T-shirt on a weekend getaway with my kids.

You've got a teenage daughter. How do you talk style with her?  

With Sophie our motto is coordinated freedom. We encourage her to experience herself and play with style. We are there to ask questions and give soft tips. We want to ensure she feels at her best and herself. Often when we go shopping and she shows me what she chose I see clothes that I would not choose but then she is not choosing them for me. So, I just draw her attention to how it suites her, whether it helps her to highlight her strengths… ask how she plans to wear it, what kind of image she wants to set. Right now she defines her style as grunge dark academia and the boundaries of ´being appropriate¨ are clear for all. I must say it flatters me when some pieces from my wardrobe I suddenly discover in hers. Yep! Some of my clothes make it through the generation gap =)

Which LOVE outfit gets the most "where did you get it from" questions?

With the toddler I have not been out that much. However, from relatively recent investments¨ the fuchsia suite it an absolute hit! And! the beige skirt from 2014 is the one I am regularly stopped with a where to buy question.

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