Shoes, that won’t go out of fashion the very next season. Full list by designer and stylist Ksenia Karpenko

Shoes, that won’t go out of fashion the very next season. Full list by designer and stylist Ksenia Karpenko

Shoes are the queen and the king of your outfit. They can lift up the look and equally ruin it.

Below please find the ultimate guide to the most stylish shoes and the reasons why you need them or not.

MARY JANE glorious comeback 

Mary Janes have made a wholesome return to footwear trends. While the style was once only affiliated with ultra-preppy fashion and school uniforms, it’s now considered an It Girl staple. Mary Janes maintains a sophisticated everyday style while still being comfortable. They can be worn to the office with slacks or a long dress just as easily as they can be paired with a mini dress and easily can be worn over a pair of socks.

Blanca Miro is wearing Mary Jane 

Now they are all over high-street brands, so if you are not feeling like investing into a premium brand, have some fun with mass-market.

Definitely it is yours style: if you are tall and slender or if your figure-type is apple-shape or converted-triangle, in that case MaryJanes perfectly balances silhouette.  Also this style will fit girls with the shoe-size over 39, as it makes the feett look more exquisite. 

 Important: if you are buying into high-street brand, make sure your shoes are made of textyle, such as denim or velvet. They will look more expensive and feel more comfortable while being worn.

The best match: Midi and maxi dresses, romantic, renaissance style.



They are like ballet shoes, but require different styling. They are in fashion for a long, so it’s suitable to invest in quality ones. You do need them, if you are often wearing suits and especially skirt suits and mini-skirts. Loafers create a perfect balance with mini skirts, as they balance the extreme sexuality of the mini skirt. Especially when combined with socks.

Sienna Miller is wearing loafers


Important: It is possible to find good-looking leather loafers without brand signs. I found perfect ones with Marks&Spencer.  

The best match: suits, denim trousers with feminine blouses, trenchcoats. The more often you are going to wear the style the shoes match, the more comfortable and sustainable your shoes ought to be.


For a twist on a traditional Mary Jane style, go for the heeled pair. Wear them as a comfortable special occasion shoe or with jeans to jazz up an everyday outfit. 5 cm heel is an excellent way to elongate the silhouette without losing comfort. I’ve got two pairs from ZARA and one from CHANEL. ZARA looks gorgeous in black, but it is better to wear them in early autumn and for occasions. For everyday lifestyle they are lacking quality and can be wasted quite soon.  

Elsa Hosk is wearing Mary Jane pump 


The best match: masculine outfits, midi dress.




For a heeled boot that’s easy to walk in, look for one with a kitten heel height. How to choose your color? For example, my basics used to be predominantly in beige, therefore I bought beige knee boots. Take a look at your wardrobe. What colors are dominating there? From that you will find an answer of your color.

The best match: shiffon midi dress.


Metallic Footprints 

Everything on this planet strives to balance. And our outfits as well. So metallic shoes would be an excellent accent if you prefer casual style. Just picture this: denim trousers, white shirt, boycap and metallic boots. Your look is classy, classic but never boring. The only thing - they are quick to go out of fashion, make sure you think twice before investing into luxury brand.

The best match: your basics. 

Pointed Toe Pumps

Kendall Jenner is wearing pointed toe pumps

It’s one of the most elegant shoes, they elongate the silhouette and they are perfectly comfortable for walking. With this season new-look skirts come back - they will make a perfect match. Besides, they have proven to be the never-ending classics, so they are worth-investing.

The best match: denim trousers, new look skirts.



Fur Sandals

If you feel like playing a bit. I would definitely go to the mass-market brands  if I needed to style my outfit with fur sandals. Simple rule: the more often you are going to wear your shoes, the more comfortable and quality they have to be.

Best match: cozy knitwear


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