Puffed Sleeved Garments are Here to Empower

Puffed Sleeved Garments are Here to Empower

Exaggerated shoulders have long been popular with the fashionistas around the world, celebrating gentle female power.
The trend has even got a name - Gentlewoman, celebrating female power, independence and stepping up.

Besides, puff sleeves are usually introduced with soft or transparent fabrics to underline female nature and give it a touch of sensibility. 

With the movie “Poor things” coming on big screens, puff sleeves get on scale, celebrating a whimsical world and adding a touch of curiosity. 

Emma Stone in ‘Poor Things’ (photo: Fox Searchlight)

I don’t know about you, guys, but reading the news and looking around the international policy, I immediately want to put on myself something joyful. This world is not a fairytale, but fashion can give it a small touch of your own personal fairytale. 

What Is Poor Things About? All About Emma Stone's Frankenstein-Inspired Film

Any doubts on how to wear puff sleeves? 

Yes, I can hear it: what if I have big shoulders? We all sometimes have those doubts.

As seen on Ksenia, the designer of the brand 

1.My shoulders are bigger than normal, and it   doesn’t stop me from wearing my favorite style. In fact this style enlightens the legs  slenderness, which is always good. Same with those girls who enjoy having the inverted triangle body shape.
2. Girls who enjoy their rectangle shape body could wear puff-sleeve style blouses and dresses with a belt. This hack will visually determine proportions. 
3. Puff-sleeves for girls with pear-shaped bodies would look good with boot-cut jeans. That will balance the silhouette.
A general and important tip: puff sleeves might been the main accent of the outfit, the rest of the outfit keep quite.
Puff sleeves speak up your power and a bit of unreal life, it feels we are all living it now. 
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