Lina, a poet from Bratislava talks style with LOVE

Lina, a poet from Bratislava talks style with LOVE

 As a poet and mom of two Lina plays with her style to perfection and this is how she does it

 You have two children, your own business - how do you manage to combine style and life?

 I can listen. I listen to good music and smart people. Once, my designer friend said that style is when you look good even on the playground. Style is when you are both comfortable and beautiful. For me it is when the inner feeling of yourself corresponds to the image in the mirror. Style is life, I would not separate them.

What is your favorite LOVE look? 

I really love LOVE dresses, I often wear them without looking for a special moment. But, I can confidently name suits as one of my favorite pieces. Among the latter are graphite, fuchsia and my silk  pajamas that travel with me all summer around. I’m wearing  trousers and  jacket separately, making numerous outfits.   

How does style help you achieve your goals?   
We are still perceived by the way we look. Style is the same discipline that can be mastered. If it were taught at school or universities, it would help many girls to find their advantages in appearance and learn to emphasize them, and not hide in kilometers of oversize things.
People read me the same way. As an author, but first of all, as a person. And with the help of clothes, I also tell a lot about myself. And this "language" helps to find our friends long before we started speaking.

What outfit do your sons like best? 

My sons are my best experts. They will never say "nice" if it really isn't. They don't reject the new outfits  right away, but they need time.They like dresses the most. Dresses and heels. Their favorites in my wardrobe are black dress with jam (print - "jam jars", ed.) and a heart-printed  dress for Valentine's Day, which betrays my playful mood and my creative essence. But they also like pantsuits. It's stylish, and they read it. 






 What outfit  is most often asked "where did you buy it?"

When I'm in LOVE I always get these questions. People often ask when the color or shape is unusual. They break out of the ordinary. I received a lot of useful information precisely from LOVE's Instagram, because Ksenia (brand designer - author's note) talked about style comprehensively and gave a lot of useful advice on what the ideal underwear should be, how to combine accessories, shoes, etc. .

The last time I  was asked “Where did you get this from” was  about a striped top with an elongated back and white shorts. The shorts are the most wanted piece, for sure! Someone even shot the video, when seeing me on the street. I bought the garment three years ago, but I  still get compliments. Because the image is harmonious and is read like a poem. Style is like  a poem. When everything is perfect and from the heart - it sounds harmoniously, bringing joy to others.❤️

Lina is wearing LOVE dress



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