Alba Garavito, brand consultant from Paris talks style with LOVE

Alba Garavito, brand consultant from Paris talks style with LOVE

What is your number one fashion style tip?  

Be true to yourself, to your tastes, follow your intuition beyond fashion and trends. Although we must always take into account the place or event we are going to, it is important to go according to the circumstances and not break the protocol.


What is your favourite outfit with LOVE? Why? 

It’s difficult to choose just one, but maybe the one with which I have felt most “myself” is with the gray pantsuit. I like its cut, being oversized it is very comfortable and by changing the accessories you can use it on many occasions! I’ve worn it a thousand times, it’s very versatile and super chic!




Could you please tell us when your outfit helped you to reach your goals? 

I believe that feeling comfortable, elegant and beautiful always play an important role in your mood and in this way can help you achieve all your goals. For example, in a work meeting or an important event if you feel confident thanks to your outfit, others will feel that powerful feeling and it is the memory they will have of you!


You live a busy life. What keeps you motivated?

Always keeping in mind what our dreams are and trying to achieve them step by step, taking small steps every day and reaching objectives can really help you stay motivated and get closer to your goal. Of course it’s not easy, that’s why you have to prioritize your well-being  and know to stop when necessary and come back with your batteries recharged.

Alba is wearing LOVE silk dress






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